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How to study this course

You may study this course entirely at your own speed. However, the materials cover some complex issues and we would suggest that you pace yourself. You will need up to three hours study time for each unit. Try to set aside a block of time to work through a unit, and see if you can designate a specific period each day or week to study.

Work through the self-assessment exercises (SAQs) as you study, to make sure you understand the concepts we cover.

Use the downloadable form on the right to complete the reflective exercises at the end of each unit. These enable you to think about how you might apply the course content to your own research.

We hope you find the course both interesting and useful. Above all, please enjoy your studies!

Professor Nick J Fox
Director, the WISDOM Centre

Course content

There are 10 keynotes, covering the key elements of clinical research methodology.

  1. The research question
  2. Research designs
  3. Validity and reliability
  4. Sampling
  5. Quantitative data collection
  6. Qualitative data collection
  7. Interpreting data 1
  8. Interpreting data 2
  9. Research ethics and governance
  10. Writing research proposals/Getting published.