A comprehensive introduction

This online training course in clinical research methods is specifically tailored to the needs of all those working in health or social care posts with a resarch component. The course covers research fundamentals such as how to design research, data collection and analysis, ethics and research governance, and how to write a research proposal.

The course has been written by Professor Nick Fox, and has been used to train over 500 postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers. With 25 years experience of research, Nick is a leading educationalist, who has taught research methods to students and clinicians at the University of Sheffield since 1993.

Online learning

Training is delivered entirely online. You can start at any time and take as long as you wish to complete the training. Most participants prefer to study one topic a week (approximately two hours study time), spreading it over a twelve-week period.

Course content

There are 10 keynotes, covering the key elements of clinical research methodology.

  1. The research question
  2. Research designs
  3. Validity and reliability
  4. Sampling
  5. Quantitative data collection
  6. Qualitative data collection
  7. Interpreting data 1
  8. Interpreting data 2
  9. Research ethics and governance
  10. Writing research proposals/Getting published.

Assessment and certification

At the end of the course, you can download a short reflective exercise. You can use this to discuss with a mentor, if you have one, or keep for your own records. Sadly, we cannot comment on your reflection, or offer any other feedback.


There is no fee for the Clinical Research Methods course.

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