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WISDOM provides a highly-regarded online training course in clinical governance and risk management, specifically tailored to the needs of health professionals. The course covers fundamentals such as continuing professional development and evidence-based practice, and key issues in clinical governance including risk management, patient and public involvement, information governance, patient safety and audit.

We held a contract to deliver this training to specialist registrars in the Yorkshire and Humber NHS region, as part of their ‘generic’ training for a consultant post.  More than 1000 staff have taken the course during that contract. In addition, we provided training to health and social care professionals on an individual basis, from across the UK and internationally.

The WISDOM training in clinical governance and risk management is delivered as distance learning materials, making it the ideal way to combine education and clinical duties. The course has been divided into 10 easy-to-manage topics, which together provide a comprehensive training in all aspects of clinical governance and risk management. Course materials are accessed as pdf files, meaning you can continue your studies from your devices.

Because you study the course at your own speed, you can take as long as you wish to complete the WISDOM training. However, most participants like to study one topic a week, spreading the training over a ten-week period.

This course has completely changed my understanding of clinical governance. It has certainly been a most thought-provoking journey for the last three months.’

Dr F, SpR in geriatric medicine.

More about the course

Aim: To introduce the components of clinical governance and risk management, and to demonstrate how these may be used to deliver excellence in clinical care

Learning Objectives: Having successfully completed the programme, a participant will be able to:

  • Offer arguments for a commitment to continuing quality improvement and the safeguard of high standards in delivering clinical care to patients;
  • Give examples of how s/he may apply the principles of clinical governance and risk management in her/his everyday activity as clinicians or as future leaders within health care services;
  • Identify areas for personal and professional development which can enhance her/his capacity to contribute to the clinical governance of clinical care within her/his area of responsibility.

Course Content

There are ten keynotes covering the key elements of clinical governance and risk management.

  • Keynote 1: Introduction
  • Keynote 2: CPD, CME and the Internet
  • Keynote 3: Re-validation and Licensing to Practice
  • Keynote 4: Finding and Using Evidence, EBP and guidelines
  • Keynote 5: Patient and Public Involvement
  • Keynote 7; Risk Management
  • Keynote 8: Audit, Effectiveness and Coding
  • Keynote 9: Patient Safety and Significant Event Audit
  • Keynote 10: Data Security and Confidentiality

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